Goodbye Quartz Composer



Dear Quartz Composer,

Where do I begin?

You’re amazing. You’re more than amazing. We had such great times together. You showed me so much, and we went places we never knew existed.

But something has been missing lately. We both know it. I’ve been avoiding this moment, but we both know it needs to be done. We’ve drifted apart and it’s time to break up.

I know we haven’t kept in touch. Christ, it’s been so long since we last spoke. The fact that I’m writing you this, instead of making a cool particle system fly through just shows how much has gone wrong in our relationship.

It’s not you. You’ve always been there for me, revealing new layers of depth and complexity during the long days and nights we were together. You’ve always been patient with me and taught me so much. You are really wonderful and special and no matter how many coding languages I get into, you will always be my first love.

Of course, we’ve had our fights when you insisted to do things your way and I tried to push you with too many skanky plugins. And sure, your iterators are slow and you haven’t been updated in years and let’s face it, you’ve developed some nasty bugs over time. But I never cared about any of that, because you are so truly beautiful and inspiring.

It’s cliche, but I hope we will still be friends. Maybe you’ll be there to help me prototype a shader some time. But as a development platform, I will have to say goodbye to you.

It’s been an amazing journey and thank you for everything that you’ve given to me. There will always be a special place in my heart just for you.

With love,


PS Please come by to pick up your stuff. I’ve left it all in this zip file: GoodbyeQuartzComposer

25 responses to “Goodbye Quartz Composer”

  1. Tony Coleman says:

    Au revoir, bon voyage, aideos and get the hell off of my land!

    Thank you very much for this most excellent early birthday present Joris (ten months early but I’m not counting).


  2. Graham T says:

    Thank you so much!

    I like Quartz but often struggle developing patches. For me this isn’t just 64 free cool VJ effects; for me its 64 learning templates that I hope I can understand and learn from!


    • joris says:

      That’s my main reason for sharing them, Graham. Hope you can find some knowledge or inspiration between all the noodling.

  3. deepvisual says:

    thanks joris.
    excellent timing..
    I was going to update my quartz based VDMX synth this week..

  4. Thomas says:

    Thanks 🙂 I guess .qtz will never really go out of style 🙂 Some of them are wonderfully retro-posh.

  5. Jim W says:

    Thanks for the share Joris and a shame to see you finally ditch qc. It’s a shame that people are quitting the software but i can completely understand why.
    I’ve been having a affair with Max for the past few month behind quartz back and im really falling for it.

  6. MoreBucks says:

    Hey Joris,
    Good work mate, thanks for sharing.

  7. Marcos says:

    huge thanks, Joris! It´s a little sad your letter 🙁
    I learned a lot from you, and seeing your great gift, I will continue learning. 🙂

  8. Mnsgnr says:

    Thank you for your legacy in this software. I’ve only open the 3 first files and I already know that i will learn a lot from you! thanks again, I’m only in quartz for 2 years, so there is still a lot to understand.

    What are you working with now ?

    Much Love!

    • joris says:

      Happy you like it and that QC is still attracting fresh artists! My style of visuals evolved to a more rule based, procedural style. I feel I can better express that using a scripted coding language. So I’ve been going on dates with FFGL, oF, Processing and the like, but nothing exclusive so far 😉

      • Mnsgnr says:

        Thanks for your answer ! Indeed QC is still interesting a lot of people around me and it’s the best start i find to begin with real-time visuals !

        I hope i will coding too someday, I’m interesting in interactive audio/visuals installations with public. But coding langage is too rigorously for me now.

        And I don’t know where to start without loosing my time ( too many languages to learn, that I don’t know which one will match my expectations.. )


  9. ShowBlender says:

    Its sad to have to move on from such a great platform/community, but cheers to you on your future endeavors!

  10. Aitor says:

    Joris I hope your heart is not completely broken, I thank you for your teachings since the very beginning and seeing you go opens up a couple of questions: What are we going to do without our guru, and where is this heading? are you taking steps into a better relation? what would that be? and the most important: are we willing to follow that path, cause I also have to agree that my relation with Quartz is been quite bitter lately..

    All the best

    • joris says:

      Holy crap, guru? That’s too much, man. Really. Personally my main reason for the break-up is that I don’t dig the noodle based code style of QC as much anymore. The visuals I like to make now require a more object-oriented approach, and trying to do that in QC turns into a mess of noodles real quick. For me, OpenGL/c++ based languages like oF and FFGL feel like the most logical progression.

  11. Photophilic says:

    I’m with Graham…this will be a great learning aid for me as well. Thank you for this very much!

  12. MattSanc says:

    Thanks a lot for those!

  13. Shakinda says:

    Hey joris thanks for all the love and knowledge you spread on QC I’m sorry to hear you are hanging up the noodles, we will continue to carry the torch 🙂

  14. Gab says:


  15. Pedro Guedes says:

    Can we make some kind of petition to apple from future development?
    Or we just stop buy they re mac´s?

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