Looping an expression based particle system in After Effects

Following some discussion on VJforums.com on how to seamlessly loop a particle system based on a random/wiggle expression, this is an example AE project file of how you could go about it. Based on the technique for looping wiggle by Dan Ebberts, and the technique for looping a particle system, documented by Aharon Rabinowitz, among others.

Download the commented project here, and if you want, you can see and download a 1080p seamless loop based on this technique from VJvault.com here.

Hope it’s useful to someone!

5 responses to “Looping an expression based particle system in After Effects”

  1. Tom says:

    Thx Dude, looks great

  2. dean says:

    Really want help on this qc thing. but u guys to be on it

  3. dean says:

    really love visuals have u got loads you can send me for a good price. the quartz composer ones

    • joris says:

      Some of my qc stuff is for sale on Resolume.com and there’s a lot of amazing qc stuff by others and myself on iloveqc.org. Hope that helps!

  4. armor says:

    Really nice thematic.
    I have heard about it on creative cow arroon leibowitz.


    Always appreciate have smart girlz and boyz give some help…

    Also as I am pc user i didn t konow nothing about Quark composer…

    Does it in a way work similar as pure data or max msp, processing, isadora or assimilate software?

    yhnk s

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