FFGL plugin that generates random unique snowflake patterns, or lets you create your very own unique snowflake.

It uses recursion to create 6 ‘branches’, that each spawn their own branches again, that each spawn their own branches again, that each spawn their own branches again. You know, recursion.

When Random is turned on, at time 0, random values are selected for the 3 parameters, generating a different unique snowflake. When Random is turned off, you can use the three parameters Subdivisions, Multiplier and Rotation to affect the look of the flake.

Download SnowFlake FFGL for Mac version

Download SnowFlake FFGL for PC version

2 responses to “SnowFlake”

  1. radu says:

    had a problem on windows 7 x64, it said a MSVCP120.dll was missing, had to install
    Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, vcredist_x86.exe and now it works
    thanks for the snow flake!

    • joris says:

      Yeah, there is some weird shit going on with this plugin on both Win and Mac. It’s been built for Res 4.2, and it probably doesn’t work for people running OSX 10.8 and earlier, and for nobody on Windows without VS. Strangely enough, out of the 600 downloads so far, only you and one other person have mentioned anything…

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