Livid 8 // Resolume 4 midi feedback

The kids from KBK Visuals wanted some special functionality on their Alias Livid 8 controllers.

The app uses Processing to act as a translator between the controller and Resolume. Midi is received from the controller, OSC is received from Resolume. The app then does some internal logic, and outputs the necessary midi to the controller and OSC to Resolume again.

It’s specifically developed for the I Am Hardwell / KBK Visuals world tour and most of the functionality makes sense for that tour only. Still, it has one nifty feature (shown in the video), which is that the buttons will light up with the colours used in Resolume. Who doesn’t love pretty colours, right?

In the end, using Processing for this drove me slightly crazy. Specifically the editor lacks an autocomplete function and is not able to hide parts of your code that are not relevant to what you’re working on. Still, it’s a quick way to make crossplatform apps, with a low GPU footprint.

8 responses to “Livid 8 // Resolume 4 midi feedback”

  1. Sam DG says:


    Awesome work !
    Could you give some lead info on how exactly this work, midi and osc -wise.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. joris says:

    The basis is quite simple really. Processing gets the midi from the alias8 and then sends osc to a colorize effect in Resolume. I then use this same value to send the right midi value back to the alias8 to get the corresponding color as feedback on the knobs.

    The actual code is a bit more complex ofcourse, but that’s the idea behind it. Does that help?

  3. Sam DG says:

    It does, thanks !
    I might post an update when I figure this out.

  4. Angelo says:

    is that possible with the apc40 too? Ability to change color from processing or max for live?

    • joris says:

      Angelito! The APC40 is a bit harder, because of the midi handshake, and that it only has 2 color LEDs. It’s totally possible though. I heard the new APC40 Mk2 apparently has full RGB buttons…

  5. Angelo says:

    aw too bad, I am also eagerly awaiting the mk2. I think I will delve into processing once Arena start to support it directly 🙂

  6. is this avaliable for download?

    • joris says:

      If you like, I can upload the code to Github. It’s not much use without the exact same Resolume composition file though.

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