Every one does a AV noise project sooner or later. Sync is mine.

Sync is a study into self organization, based on the first chapter of the book ‘Sync’ by Steven Strogatz (highly recommended read!).

The chapter deals with how some species of fireflies emit a flash of light at regular intervals. Alone, they will pulsate at a random interval. In a group though, the individual pulse of each flash will slowly evolve into a harmonious unified beat, with all fireflies flashing in unison.

This video is the result of my clumsy attempt to recreate this phenomenon in Processing.

Starting off at random intervals, each dot will speed up or slow down its interval, if another dot flashes. After a while, they will inevitably all march to the same drum.

The audio was added as an afterthought, and is somewhat buggy and far from pretty to listen to. It does serve two purposes very well though. One is it punctuates the progression from chaos to order quite clearly, more so than just video.

Two is it shows I should just stay the hell away from audio.

Amazon link for ‘Sync’ :
Ted talk by Steven Strogatz:

Code is a mess, but available on request.

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