This post is from summer 2013. We’re 5 years and 2 Resolume versions further now. You can just send Art-Net from Resolume directly. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use this technique anymore.

This is the first public release of a Syphon enabled application, that takes Resolume Arena’s output and converts it to DMX. This way you can play low resolution video on DMX enabled LED strips, via an Enttec USB Pro dongle.

Set up:
– Enable Syphon in the video tab of the Arena prefs.
– Enter the Advanced Output of Arena
– Create a new screen and set it to Syphon.
– Rename the display to ‘LED’

This is important and lets Syphon distinguish this output from Arena’s main composition output.


– Change the display width and height to match your LED strips.

In this example I’m using 8 strips of 16 LEDs, combined in two stacks, so the total output is 32×4 pixels. Note that you can still send your output to a projector or other screen as well, just create another screen for it.

– Connect the Enttec dongle.
– Launch the app.


Everything should set itself up automatically and you should see a pixelated version of your output in the app and on your LEDs. Arena takes care of the scaling, by default it takes the entire comp output and scales it down to the LED resolution. By using the Input Selection you could have a 1:1 pixel output as well, or something in between those extremes.

SyphonToLED 0.1, tested on OSX Lion and Mountain Lion, with the Enttec USB Pro dongle.

SyphonToLED 0.2, version 0.2, adds brighness control and gamma correction. Quickly tested on Lion, but not tested in a live environment yet.

This app assumes you’re using RGB LEDs and Resolume Arena. It can be adapted for other sorts of LED and applications, but let’s see if this picks up first.

For the nerds that are interested in this sort of thing: this app was made in openFrameworks 0074. It uses ofxSyphon by the Syphon gang and ofxDmx by Kyle MacDonald.

9 responses to “SyphonToLED”

  1. Ben says:

    Hey there, great app.

    Wondering if it would be a easy change to make the DMX output via artnet?

    Thanks for your time making these great things.

  2. joris says:

    Thanks for taking a look at it
    and getting in touch, Ben!

    Artnet support itself shouldn’t be too hard. It would require adding a bunch of config options though, because Artnet is not plug and play like an Enttec box.

    If you get in touch via mail, perhaps we can work out what would be needed for a custom solution?

  3. Dave says:

    Hey Joris

    Im very happy that i found your app… Is it possible to use another usb DMX interface than Enttec?? I use an E-Cue Nano +… not sure if its compatible with Resolume and your App…
    Would be great to realize that cuz i need 2 Programms to controll one Universe…

    Thanks for your amazing Work..
    Greetings Dave

    • joris says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Dave. For ease of use, the app is hardcoded to look for connected Enttec devices. I’m not familiar with the E-Cue Nano, nor can I find any info about it, but it should be possible to adapt the app for any type of dongle that uses the FTDI protocol. If you want to discuss this further, feel free to get in touch directly via the contact page!

  4. Gabriel says:

    Hi Joris

    Awesome work! Do you now a workaround for windows pcs?



    • joris says:

      Hi Gabriel! How are you?

      I haven’t tried it myself, but on a PC you can take a look at the new Mapio2, which has DMX output.

  5. Gabriel says:

    Thank you very much sir!!


  6. Oat says:

    Hey Joris,
    Your app very inspired !
    And I want to ask a question because i’m very new to lighting stuff .

    How can I send the visualize from resolume to arduino and if it possible to send it as art-net protocol without any hardware else ? Or which hardware if needed..
    Would you mind to answer me though my e-mail. (

    • joris says:

      Oh wow. This post is from summer 2013. We’re 5 years and 2 Resolume versions further now. You can just send Art-Net from Resolume directly. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use this technique anymore.

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