QC tutorial 6: Dynamic slideshow

No 6 is a quickie on how to scan a folder for images, and have those available in VDMX as a slideshow with dynamic content.

Oh, and sorry for the Lady Gaga track. I couldn’t resist.

Opening and closing music by PSAPP.

11 responses to “QC tutorial 6: Dynamic slideshow”

  1. John Francisco says:

    Thks for this tutorial. It’s very usefull to learn some basic feature of Quartz.
    I have just one little tiny question : why not using an “interpolation” patch rather than the “integrator” patch?
    In your video, it seems that your slideshow go automaticly back and forth but it doesn’t work for me with the integrator.
    I probably miss something but I did not find.
    Any idea?


  2. John Francisco says:

    Find the trick : “Rolled-Over Value” on “Range” Patch and it works perfect. The cool thing is that I also succeed doing it my way with “interpolation” patch (setting the speed with divided structure count value associated to duration of interpolation patch).
    Thks again for this tutorial.

  3. […] composition. composition itself i cannot find, but the key source is this wonderful tutorial from Joris de Jong. The already mentioned Datamosh together with Chroma Zoom are used.  + + +  symbols are […]

  4. Alos says:

    great tutorial, the only thing i’m not sure, is that i only see a “blocked” image downloader and it doesnt have the middle input. any suggestions or alternatives? running quartz 4.0 on SL..
    thank you

    • joris says:

      It sounds like you have some Kineme plugins installed. Apple renamed the stock Image Downloader to Image Importer on SL and Lion…
      Hope that helps!

  5. pedrofx says:

    I make my own Quartz Dynamic Slideshow, it is of much utility!!

  6. Moh says:

    How to use Movie Importer with location url as http url hosted online on website. i want to use video that is hosted on my website and use this screen saver to work for all.

  7. Andres says:

    Thank you very much. I wrote the patch with notes of what you said, and published the directory scanner, so it could be downloaded ready, do you want to put it to download?

  8. Meddie Rustu says:

    Hello. I really need help on how to create a customised logo transition with quartz composer.

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